Mr. Alfonso Martínez Cearra
Director General
Bilbao Metropoli-30
              Metropolitan Bilbao’s revitalisation project represents an encouraging initiative in which all the Metropolitan Area players should be involved, including society as a whole, in order to guarantee the project’s success. Bilbao Metropoli-30’s role is to provide a focal point for discussions and co-ordination of all the initiatives for Bilbao’s development. It also serves as a link between those in charge of the future design of the metropolis and its citizens. 

              The ultimate objective is to situate Metropolitan Bilbao at an international competitive level, recuperating its past wealth, thanks to the restructuring of its industrial basis and its transformation it in a modern service metropolis. This achievement will place the metropolitan area in an optimum position to confront the 21st century. 

              The first results of this process are being appreciated as the main emblematic projects are being developed. It is to this process that we must continue giving our support so to maintain and increase our quality of life and above all, that of the upcoming generations 

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