Bilbao Metropoli-30
Urban Forum for the Sustainable Development of Metropolitan Bilbao
Supported in co-operation between DG X and DG XI of the European Commission, a network of Urban Forum for Sustainable Development, has been launched across Europe in the following cities: 
Aalborg (DK) Bath (UK) Besançon (F) Bilbao (E)
Charleroi (B) Delft (NL) Dublin (IRL) Espoo (SF)
Gent (B) Göteborg (S) Granada (E) Hamm (D)
Leicester (UK) Porto (P) Rennes (F) Suhl (D)
Terni (I) Venezia (I) Volos (GR) Wien (A)
The Forum network has a triple objective: 

to provide general elementary information on the evolution of the European Union to all citizens who ask (or inform people of the existence of networks that are physically closer to them and are more suited to meet their requests).

to provide specific information on the EU Environmental Policy and on its strategy on the development of sustainable cities.

to supply innovative experiments regarding information and raising awareness on the urban environment issue to city dwellers in the hope of putting these experiences at the disposition of other cities in the EU.

Given the participation of Bilbao Metropoli-30 in the network of Urban Forums, it orients its objectives in the following activities:

Publication of a magazine including relevant information for the local community regarding the European Commission and its initiatives 

    - Environmental Policy 
    - Sustainable development 
    - Urban Projects
Internet server to provide on-line information and links about sustinable development to the citizens, entreprises and local authorities 

Regular meetings with committees from the local community to discuss issues on sustainable development 

An on-site information point with access to european sources open to the public. 

Surveys about the local awareness of the Commission initiatives and the role of the Urban Forum for Sustainable Development 

Publication of an annual progress report including the local initiatives on sustainable development 

Bilbao Metropoli-30
Gran Vía, 45
E-48011 BILBAO (Spain)
Telephone: 34-94-415. 86. 85
Fax: 34-94-415. 34. 24