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Bilbao Metropoli-30 Workshops: International experts
Bilbao Metropoli-30 Conference: How to measure quality in local goverment?
Revitalisation Plan
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The new waterfront
Guggenheim Bilbao Museum Museum Tour
Euskalduna Congress and Concert Hall
New terminal at Bilbao Airport
Metro Bilbao
Passenger Interchange
Bilbao Harbour extension
European Software Institute
Technology Park of Zamudio-Bizkaia
Integral Clean-Up Plan for the Estuary
Urban Galindo Barakaldo
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Metropolitan Bilbao and its influence areas
International statistics
Investment in human resources
Service metropolis in a modern industrial region
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Environmental regeneration
Urban regeneration
Cultural centrality
Coordinated management by the public administration and the private sector
Social action
Eurocities - Mercociudades Collaboration Agreement Signing 
Bilbao has been elected president of Eurocities, the main network of European metropolitan areas
Urban Forum for the sustainable development of Metropolitan Bilbao
Tour of the Bilbao old town
SPIN-Spain Software Process Improvement Network
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    Metropolitan Bilbao 2010: Scenario Planning
    Metropolitan Bilbao 2010: Perception Study
    I: Comparative study of Metropolitan Bilbao and other European and North American metropolises
    II: Cities and revitalisation in the information society: the public-private convergence
    III: The metropolitan revitalisation best-practices selected by Eurocities for the European Commission
    IV: Costs and job creation in North American metropolis
    V: Comparative styudy of Metropolitan Bilbao and French, Canadian and Japanese metropolises
    VI: Employment in French metropolises
    VII: Urban revitalisation: the return to the America of the cities
    Civil Society Reinventing Metropolitan Administration: Recent Iberian and Latin American Experiences @ Conferencia IIAS Quebec
    Quality Measurement in Spanish Municipalities:Transfering Private Sector Experiences @ Public Productivity & Management Review
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