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Technology Centre

GAIKER is a non profit institution established as an foundation that gathers and develops technologies for its transference to the industry.

Our aim is to provide constant innovation in order to contribute to the effective increase of competitivity.

GAIKER is defined as an enterprise devoted to the introduction of new technologies to improve the industrial management of raw materials, products, byproducts and wastes during their life cycles. It is also an innovative tecnological agent in manufacturing processes and products.


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Technological Lines

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Industrial Markets

The main industrial sectors that constitute our market are the following:

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Technological Offer

Our satisfied clients and cooperating companies in Spain and Europe, in the performance of one hundred R+D projects over the last ten years are witness of GAIKER's market credibility. Our technological offer is as follows:

Plastic Materials and Composites



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We are an innovative and creative organization where almost a hundred people work in innovation.

Human Resources Evolution
Our Head-Office is placed at the Technological Park of Zamudio, near the Metropolitan area of Bilbao, where we have an area of 8.000 m² , that includes a network of 10 laboratories and industrial facilities with pilot plants where industrial processes are optimized and new products developed.

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International Relationships

The influence area of GAIKER has spread gradually over recent years.

Now we operate actively not only in the local and regional markets, but also throughout the European Union.

We participate in fifteen R&D European projects in collaboration with companies and research centres from several countries of the Union. These projects are included in the EU Research Programs: BRITE EURAM, AIR, STEP, ESPRIT, EUREKA, INNOVACION, AVICENA.

GAIKER also collaborates, gathering technology with the United States of America and Canada, and transfering technologies to Latin America (Chile and Cuba).

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Financial Data (31/12/1996)

Budget & Investment Evolution

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GAIKER's Contact

Dña. Mª Ángeles Ibarrondo
Marketing, Commercial & Promotion Director
Technological Park, Ed 202
Tel: 34-4-452.23.23
Fax: 34-4-452.22.36

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GAIKER is a full member of Bilbao Metropoli-30.