Edificio Muñatones
San Martin, 5
48550 Muskiz (Vizcaya)

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    PETROLEOS DEL NORTE, S.A. (PETRONOR) was founded in Bilbao in 1968 with the corporate purpose of refining and marketing oil and oil-related products.

    After a number of changes to its shareholder structure, the current partners in the company are: REPSOL, S.A (85.98%) and BILBAO BIZKAIA KUTXA - BBK (14.02%).

    Petronor is Spainís largest refinery, with a processing capacity of eleven million tons a year. The firmís premises are located in the districts of Muskiz, Abanto and Zierbana and are linked by oil pipelines to the docking facilities at Punta Lucero five kilometres away, to the nearby CLH terminal (which provides the company with its connection to the Spanish pipeline network) and to a number of local companies.

    The Company logo shows the battlements of the 15th-century castle tower of Muñatones, located on the edge of the refinery. The castle, like the Palace of the Salazar family, now the Company headquarters, is part of Spainís national artistic and historic heritage.

    Safety and the environment are priority objectives for Petronor, certificated by ISO 14001. Its commitment to quality is given clear expression in the application of the ISO-9002 Management System at all levels.


    Processing capacity
    11 million tons/year
    Crude storage capacity
    1.149.000 m3
    (including other raw and intermediate materials)
    Product storage capacity
    1.135.000 m3
    774 people


    The following products are obtained from refining crude oil:


    The six docking berths at Punta Lucero, with a 2,444 metre-long jetty, are fully equipped to receive crude and oil products, liquefied gases and asphalts. The docks can take petrol tankers to a depth of 30 metres and DWT 500,000. They can handle 30 million tons a year of crude and 16 million tons a year of products and liquefied gases. The Terminal is fitted with the following fire-fighting and anti-pollution equipment: two specific vessels; hydrocarbon collection equipment (20/100 tons/hour); four fire and dispersing agent tugs; hoops; barriers; biodegradable detergents and foam and water pumping systems.

    Petronor is a Founding Member of Bilbao Metropoli-30